Over the years I’ve realized I like to try new recipes.  This led to me trying a variety of meal and dessert recipes.  As a result, I found I love baking!  What I love even more than baking is when people enjoy what I have made.  I received so many compliments, great feedback, and encouragement to sell my desserts, so from this ScrumDeliUmptious was born.  The name is something I created (I like to believe I did anyway) years ago when I tasted something that was so good one adjective was not enough to describe it.  It was Scrumptious and Delicious,  so I combined the two words to make ScrumDeliUmptious.  ScrumDeliUmptious is Scrumptious and Delicious Desserts made with Love by Chimere.

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  1. We had a ball at my niece’s Labor Day party in Westminister. Everything she chose was chosen in style and high quality…all the way down to your dessert. Your sweet potato cheesecake was the icing on the Labor Day Party!!! I took your card knowing that others will want the best of the best. What I will do is hand them your card…and LOVE in your desserts–the way you prepare them–will take care of the rest!!! Thanks again from all of us who attended the party, especially the host, Preston & Alita Battle.

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